GLOBAL EXECUTIVE PRESENCE: Why do you Need the Skill of International Etiquette

When you disrespect someone else’s culture you are a poor representative of yours

Devika Das

Being someone who coaches on the psychoanalytical aspect of Executive Presence. People think that it does not include adapting the external aspect of presence. Yes, there is body language, dressing, etc but one less spoken about is international etiquette.

As a global leader, your persona should translate into likability across cultures.

This picture is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A corner of Switzerland where I spent a summer learning – international etiquette. The place that inspired me to start my business in China.

Executive Presence is about feeling like a leader and to be seen as one.

If you are an international influencer as a leader or aspire to be a global leader one day it is important to make the right impression outwardly across nationalities and cultures.

As quick judgments can take a fraction of a second to form and ages to undo a terrible one.

International Business etiquette is important because:

1. It creates a professional, mutually respectful atmosphere and improves communication

2. Makes international business easier to conduct.

3. When local people in global businesses feel respected it translates into a better working relationship.

4. Understanding cultural norms will give you a competitive edge.

5. A business meal takes up to two-three hours. Holding a conversation, your wine, and keeping up with the right forks and knives can go a long way.

6. You increase the chances of being ‘likable’. People like to work with likable people.

The picture is of Institut Villa Pierrefeu, I did attend a program at Protocol School of Washington and learned formal dressing from Milan – of course then at INSEAD researched Executive Presence. I have lived and worked in 5 countries what I know for sure is when you disrespect someone else’s culture you are a poor representative of yours.

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Best Wishes

Devika Das

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