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Executive CoachingDuration: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or Customised One on One Sessions

To be an exceptional leader, one must delve into self-awareness. It requires understanding the stories we tell ourselves, grasping our self-concept, and acknowledging how it shapes our leadership style. With this understanding, emerging leaders can inspire their teams, even in this interconnected world.

In today’s digitized landscape, collaboration knows no boundaries. This calls for leaders who can skillfully navigate the ever-changing terrain. Self-awareness plays a pivotal role in identifying effective boundaries and cultivating mindful leadership.

A self-aware leader possesses the remarkable ability to look inward for inspiration, guidance, and wisdom. Trusting oneself becomes the bedrock of effective decision-making, paving the way for leadership excellence. Through programs like Developing Emerging Leaders, individuals can confidently stride through the challenges of the ever-evolving professional landscape.

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Who is this for?

Senior executives are entering new roles or preparing for such positions. It enables individuals to understand themselves and the power dynamics within their new teams. Participants can effectively lead and address necessary tasks by fostering self-awareness and team understanding.

Key Benefits

Lead with Authentic Conviction: Heighten understanding of your core values and vision to rally teams through turbulence with moral purpose. We deep-dive assessments to reveal motivators.

Champion Inclusive Collaboration: Glean nuances around providing feedback across cultures to foster psychological safety. Tools augment emotional intelligence for unity.

Embrace Shared Mindsets: Install rituals reinforcing fail-forward growth mentalities to unlock innovation despite uncertainty. I provide templates.

Structure Digital Cohesion: Architect workflows and communication norms that transcend remote barriers and reinforce shared identity.

Sustain Trust-Based Cultures: Cement consistency between words and actions. My accountability tools confront blind spots that could undermine hard-won team trust.

I help uncommon leaders flourish by removing inner obstacles first. Let’s connect to explore how focusing inward lifts the ceiling for the entire team.

Who is Devika Das?

Devika graduated from INSEAD’s Executive Masters in Change (Clinical and Organizational Psychology), exploring interpersonal dynamics, leadership within groups, and organizational change. Currently, serve as a dedicated learning coach for DEI and various leadership programs at INSEAD. With almost two decades of coaching and training experience, including a decade in Mainland China, I’ve collaborated closely with senior executives from Fortune 1000 companies across Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Device affiliated with the Forbes Coaches Council, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, and the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, staying committed to staying at the forefront of leadership insights. In addition, Device is an author of the Reflective Edge Series—a resource designed to elevate self-awareness for leaders like you.


Coaching Clients from the following organisations

Hear what a few clients here to say about their experience of Devika as their coach:

Max Peiro

Hai Kei Plating

I’ve been working with Devika on coaching sessions for a few months now. She creates a safe and confidential environment that allows going through a self-discovering process, identifying one’s strengths and focusing on optimizing them. Her ability to read people’s abilities and make the most out of them is extraordinary.

Sandra Breene

Personal Care,
Croda International Plc

Devika provides support but challenges to ensure that you stretch yourself to deliver to your full capability. She has strong business acumen and understands the importance of clear, concise communication in getting your message across. She coached me as part of an INSEAD Executive Programme. I can highly recommend her if you are looking to transform or just hone your professional business & leadership skills.

Danny Chun

CEO, Hai Kei Plating

Devika has helped me a lot, not only on how to be more confident on the business side but also on spiritually. She has helped me be socially accepting of myself and others. She pays attention to details, giving me space to talk, present my problems, and I come back having a different lens through which I look at the same issue. There were lots of warmth, inspiration, along with directions of guidance, while I was encouraged to solve my problem in my way. As it is my own battle, I must fight it myself, while she was on my side to help me remove some of the distractions, and boost my confidence.

David Sancho

East Asia and Indie en Mango

Devika has been my coach for a while. Her unique approach and methodology make the coaching sessions intense, deep, and highly efficient. It allows you to confront yourself and explore beyond your imagination. Devika is specialized in dealing with complex personal topics with complete professionalism and discretion.

Zeina Fakhry

HR Director
Middle East Region at Microsoft

I worked with Devika for over 12 sessions on her Feminine Leadership and Presence coaching. I have come out with recognizing aspects of myself as a leader that were unacknowledged. I am not more strategically assert my position as a leader. Through the coaching journey with Devika, I was able to reconnect with my professional purpose, learned to ‘let go’, and improve my communication style to be more empowered and confident. All the tips, ideas, and guidance provided by Devika have resonated with me in such a way that I will carry them forward as I continue to grow professionally. Devika has a great ability to understand people in a very short time and build trust…which allowed us to have open and candid coaching sessions. Her vast experience working with women and corporate professionals really added to helping me develop in a professional setting as well as in my personal life.

Fanny Cheng

Executive Chairman
Medeli Electronics Co. Ltd.

One of Devika’s writing on Forbes about female leadership grasped my attention so I decided to reach out to her, which resulted in the beginning of a fruitful coach-mentee relationship.

During the year we worked together, She spent time listening to my childhood experience and walked me through how the most subtle experience shaped me to become who I am today. She is a great listener and she asks the right questions to help me gain a deeper understanding of myself. She has a gift to develop connection with people and it is with this connection that I managed to trust her in a short time. This trust is essential to our relationship as she could only give me meaningful guidance only if I allowed her into my world. I have become more attuned to my emotions, allowing me to be more centered as the chair of the business. I am very pleased with the result of the work we put in together. I am sure she would be a great coach to anyone who is interested in the journey of self discovery and awareness.

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