Devika Das

Devika is an experienced author and regularly contributes articles to various platforms such as Forbes, Insead, Thrive Global to name a few.

Reflective Edge:
For Senior Executives


Based on the psychoanalytical research of organizations, Reflective Edge: For Senior Executives looks at the topics of emotional intelligence, influence, self-aware leadership, reflection and self-worth. The first in the Reflective Edge series, it is the ultimate self-reflection journal for the progressive leader.

Reflective Edge - Devika Das

Master Body Language during Job Interviews

The coach playing ‘Oprah’ to women who can’t see their ‘inner leader’

Media Feature

Before Devika Das was a female coach contributing to and a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, she was seen as another expat mother and wife. Her identity was an extension of her husband’s, and she was viewed as his “plus one.”


I am a dedicated contributor to as a Council member and to the INSEAD blog. My contributions to Forbes are mainly in leadership, team building, and organizational change. My blog for the INSEAD website is on women and leadership and my experience at INSEAD; for someone who loves writing, I am grateful that these platforms have given me the space to express myself. Here are some articles:

Contributions to Forbes & INSEAD