This is a list of #values I work with and created to help my clients have clear personal/ professional values.

Unfortunately with the current state of affairs in the world, I am sharing something I worked hard curating and putting together because more than ever we need leaders with values.

If you know what your values are please write them below- not all are here below and so you may have yours.

Humbly request you to share this so more people take a moment to reflect and find a guiding North Star in the race.

Perhaps knowing what our guiding principles are we can make the world a tad bit better.


1.NICHE AS A COACH: I am a coach and trainer specializing in psychodynamic transformations for leaders-coaching on presence, power, influence & impact.

2. BUSINESS SCHOOL PERSPECTIVE: I am a graduate of INSEAD’s Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change. My research thesis at INSEAD was on the psychodynamic study of Global Executive Presence included developing a coaching tool to enhance sustained and evolving presence in leaders.

3. GLOBAL EXPERIENCE: With twenty-plus years of global experience, I have lived and worked in India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong. Almost 20 years of coaching and training experience, 10 of which were in Mainland China.

4. AUTHOR: Published a book – Reflective Edge Series for senior executives that help leaders enhance self-awareness for impact, influence, presence, and power through self-awareness. The second book of the series should be available in mid-2021.

5.CONTRIBUTING TO INSEAD: I continue my engagement with INSEAD with contributions to their blog and marketing efforts. I am a learning coach for their executive program on gender diversity and inclusion.

6. HAVE A NERDY MEMBERSHIP: A member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations-This keeps me academically grounded. 7.WRITE: I add insight into LinkedIn and INSEAD Business School blog, contribute to Medium and Thrive Global, and now as a Member of Forbes Coaches Council.

8.HUMAN/MOTHER/WRITER ON A JOURNEY: Love spending time with my daughters, practicing mindfulness, writing, and connecting with people.

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