EXECUTIVE PRESENCE & THE POWER WITHIN: Reflective Questions that will Change the way you Lead


I help good people be more powerful. Good people are self- aware leaders. To have long term evolving presence don’t only look on the outside. You need to have the courage to look within. My book reflective edge brings forward questions that can help you be self reflective.

Will be sharing with you some questions that will change the way you lead from my book ‘reflective edge’.

Here is what you can do with them:

1. Discuss them with a colleague

2. Journal

3. Think and reflect on these by yourself

3. Ask this question when hiring someone

4. Use this as a coach to help with self-awareness

5. Ask a mentee

6. Like & share so we can have more reflective leaders in the world

Here’s wishing that you find pride and dignity in whatever you do.

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