✅ READING BODY LANGUAGE- NOT a political post! (BBC News Image)

#POWERPOSING: Chancellor #Merkel means business, she is challenging, making eye contact, exhibiting power & stability with her hands firmly placed in front of her. Standing up and looking down at Trump she is assertive. She makes full eye contact and her head is straight. All of these indicate-assertiveness, challenging, and owning power.

#SELFSOOTHING: Trump and Abe are self soothing or comforting. They likely didn’t hear something they wanted to or the situation is making them uncomfortable. Folding arms is self-comforting more than it is blocking(A body language myth that folding arms is always blocking behavior). Here Trump is not making direct eye contact- this is blocking or showing discomfort.

#BLOCKING: John Bolton with the yellow file is protecting his ‘organs’. This is blocking the ventral side- where the organs are situated. Clearly feels threatened and feels that this could perhaps escalate.

There is more- Abe leaning backward, jaws clenched, etc. Trump’s shoulder upward show discomfort too. Just a great picture to analyze body language. If interested in coached on reading people- do get in touch!

All the mouth and lips show disagreement or discomfort.

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